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Be a part of making history

To continue funding our ambitious project of the World's first decentralized, prediction market platform, we are selling Reputation in Augur.

The owners of Reputation form the distributed oracle that determines the outcome of market events. See the video below for a brief introduction of how this works and our blog post for a more in-depth look. You will own rep in proportion to the amount of funds you send, plus an added bonus if you buy in early.

Questions? Check out our FAQ and Slack

For more on How Augur Works checkout our video

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Reputation in Augur

Fund management

All proceeds received are under control of a multi-sig wallet, that requires the co-signature of at least 2 signers out of 3 signers listed below.

Forecast Foundation

Forecast Foundation

Fund Receiver


Multi-Sig Provider

Key Manager

Vitalik Buterin

Founder, Ethereum


Fund allocation

The proceeds from this software sale will be primarily used for funding the development of Augur beyond its initial release. Hard costs are found from the development of the network infrastructure, paying for servers (for our blockchain.info style solution for people who don't want to run the full client), paying for bandwidth, marketing, as well as legal and business development.

Token issuance

Reputation (REP) is the token that allows an individual to report on the outcome of events (and receive part of the system’s trading fees as compensation.) All 11,000,000 REP tokens that will ever exist will be distributed at the end of the software sale. Since it's an auction, the distribution of tokens will be constantly shifting until the sale ends. Instead of setting a price per rep, we're setting a limit to total rep and letting the market price the rep itself (in the true spirit of prediction markets)!